School Program

What is Student Paths?

This sounds too good to be true

Post-secondary options sponsor our program, allowing select high schools to use it at no cost. Why? They have a vested interest in having students come to them prepared to succeed, and there is a real cost when students transfer or drop out.

Students who are engaged with the program can expect to achieve the following 12 college and career readiness outcomes.

The program also includes a robust scholarship search site with more than 3 million scholarships worth an estimated $15 billion. Each month that site receives more than 2 million visits and 12 million page views.

How is the program used?

Classroom articles, videos and lesson plans are an excellent fit for nonfiction reading supplements that help connect students to the concepts you want to teach in a way they enjoy.

We have a library of content that includes timely topics such as transitioning back from COVID, media literacy, online privacy and finding one’s passion.

Schools most commonly implement Student Paths in English Language Arts, but we are also used by departments like social studies, math, advisory and AVID. Our curriculum meets both the American School Counselors Association (ASCA Standards) and Common Core Standards.

Who pays for the program?

There is no cost for high schools. Post-secondary institutions sponsor the program, connecting with students in captive classrooms and via distance learning. Both inside and outside the classroom, students can specifically request to be contacted by the sponsor post-secondary institutions, generating highly qualified leads.

Sample Curriculum